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Peace and Light
to All

Our desire is to grow the relational dimension of dance; the context in which we dance is easily lost to the mentality of a pervasive consumer culture

So much of the heart is lost to or usurped by market forces and the mentality of commerce and consumerism. We feel to share the heart and trust that the work will find support and value.We put a donation box out and you can give to us directly or to the box

A willingness to join in a good heart is the vital support - but monetary support is welcome.

If you are not already one of our local dancers and are attracted to coming, the first thing to do is contact us. We welcome old friends and new and have a desire to share both the love of dance and the amenity of our locality. We also hope that a weekend will be worth the travelling for many who might otherwise not come for an evening or daytime session with us in our regular groups For the Day only events at Home we may be able to offer accomodation for the night before - or after.


We have extended our home with an oak floored dance room that can hold around a dozen dancers in an intimate and beautiful space. Places are therefore limited and booking essential. No fixed fees, but proportionate donations of support are welcome On every occasion where we have opened our home for dance - we have shared very warm, joyful gatherings with a heartfelt ease, in an informal and beautiful setting. Much of our dancing is with live music and song but we also use recordings

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I like the idea of sharing and promoting our Dance as a living culture, as well as sharing out dances I have made. Hence these videos.So far though, all is done simply by placing a camera on a tripod and forgetting about it. I think there's enough to see and pick up the dances. I'm always willing to answer queries if anything is unclear.

I have made a few home made recording in a single take using my camera's sound recording. I feel to share these as examples of my singing - (though singing to a recording is not the best context to bring out the best in me!)