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Peace and Light
to All

Cultural renewal lives out from a heartfelt willingness to see the world anew - rather than the attempt to change the world or each other.

Bring and share food (or contribution) and we have some dorm space for staying over, (Plus other local options). We are grateful for the cultures from which we draw dance and inspiration - and express our gratitude in a willingness for a renewal of cultural expression for our own time and place.

To be at home in the dance is to grow a belonging in a shared sense of life.

This is the movement - or dance - of our own intimacy and inclusion in life - an at-home-ness or belonging that is at rest in extending wholeness, as a shared sense of life. The Circle Dance network is wide and varied in its scope and emphasis but love of music and dance joins us all Joy is the light in which the truth of us is clearly visible Hide not your joy under a bushel - and then complain that the world is dark I use the dance as a vehicle for joy as an expression of joy based living


Dancing in the heart is to let what is inspired by music be felt - and to trust and flow freely in its movement, together We are surrounded by the wonderful but tend to experience our thoughts and concepts as our first environment. To stop or still the mind that makes endless commentary or story is to awaken to the unspeakable intimacy of being. But see how the mind tends to veil the glimpse or limit it to hardly an instant before 'normal service is resumed'! It takes practice of true desire and a yielding into or allowing of the moment - just as it is - to abide in connectedness as well as through apparent disconnection. We like to connect and remain connected with many who we dont have time or circumstance to write, phone or visit very often

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Joining in music and dance gently opens trust and renewal to a wordless - but heartfelt - quality of being that we are naturally drawn to live out from

But my intent is to yield into a process in which the 'I' is no less an instrument than the camera - and serves a presence that knows in stillness