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Musical recordings for already existing dances

I'm starting this page to keep a note of alternate musical recordings that I am using for existing dances. You are welcome to participate by offering your own discoveries as well as explore the music below - or just try out the dances with these recordings.



Artist: Vasilis Papakonstantinou | Track:Afti einai i Agrotia | Album: Ta Agrotika (Rural Songs) 1978

Youtube link

I like to let the first instrumental part pass and come in on the dramatic release of tension as the vocal begins. This is a strong expansive male song and has gives a likewise quality to the dance.


Artist: No Blues | Track: The Clock | Album: Farewell Shalabiye

I start on the fifth bar - where the bass comes in. I call this dance Time Flows but the feet are Pogonisius.

However I dance this unjoined and with a full expression of arms and hands rising, opening and falling with each sequence of the pogonisius steps. I also dance it in a spiral after a few times through. The music at a fairly late point in the dance breaks up into a 4/4 time freedance. I decided to let this be a feature rather than a bug. After a number of bars of this you can hear the original phrase and timing comes back. We return to a slow motion Pogonisius - from whatever place in the constellation we find ourselves in for a couple of times to finish. See my further notes on this dance.


(The Seal Dance)

Artist: Nitin Sawney | Track:The Boatman | Album: Human

We find this a sublime music to dance. But I will let you discover that for yourselves.

It is slow, and you have to listen to the guitar very carefully at first. I come in where his voice starts to rise - a little way in - as the very beginning is the hardest place to feel the tempo. We dance this in short lines in front basketweave and leader may use the diagonal left slip step as a travelling right - as well as like the original Seal Dance that slipsteps diagonally into centre. This music is too short! So I made a copy that is twice playing.


(Winds on the Tor)

Artist: The Bothy Band | Track: Calum Sgaire | Album: Old Hag You Have Killed Me

I sing the music of Calum Sgaire for this dance and it is a very heartful song. (I do also teach Stefans dance for this music from time to time - but that's a partner dance and quite involved). So this music is my live 'Calum on the Tor'. But its also a slow and heartful air that I felt to mention here. We dance this unjoined - with expressive free arms


I welcome your emails with similar details of music recordings that you have found fits an already existing dance - and am quite willing to share on the details here - with a thankyou credit to you as the one who shared it with me to share on. This can also include details of where to get music for dances that we dont always know the origins of.

~ Brian