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At Home in the Dance

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Moving as One - Norwich

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You can 'dance' to a template in your head while the music plays but you will not be the Movement of Joy.

Dance 'steps' are like trainer wheels on a bike. Getting the 'steps' is not an end - but a vocabulary for life to communicate through.

Risking into trust is the ONLY way to grow it.

And move beyond dancing in armour with the drawbridge up!

As the Eagles sang; 'Some dance to remember; some dance to forget'. Our intent dictates the meaning, and not the form.

And the way in which we embrace the form.




Right in front of us and in us

- not in a place far away

and not in a different time -

lies a new world, that is attainable.

Attentiveness makes it visible

hope brings it about

love gives it shape.


We need eyes that can see miracles,

a heart, that believes in transformation

and the determined faith,

that life is the plan for this planet,

not death.


The path to this world

begins in your life and in mine.

It is time to take it


(Ulrich Schaffer - Read aloud at a recent Friedel workshop)

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The Circle Dance network is wide and varied in its scope and emphasis but love of music and dance joins us all. Contact Grapevine - for access to the network newsletter.

Joy is the light in which the truth of us is clearly visible. Hide not your joy under a bushel - and then complain that the world is dark!

I use the dance as a vehicle for joy as an expression of joy based living.

Dancing in the heart is to let what is inspired by music be felt - and to trust and flow freely in its movement, together.

"And every step of life will gently bring you home"

~ (Mystic Spiral Lyric)

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 Clearlight Cards : Cards and prints from photos I have taken - mostly from around where I live with Cathi at Wells-next-the-Sea. We walk often in the beauty of the world.



We are surrounded by the wonderful but tend to experience our thoughts and concepts as our first environment.

To stop or still the mind that makes endless commentary or story is to awaken to the unspeakable intimacy of being. But see how the mind tends to veil the glimpse or limit it to hardly an instant before 'normal service is resumed'! It takes practice of true desire and a yielding into or allowing of the moment - just as it is - to abide in connectedness as well as through apparent disconnection.

Thus it is perhaps ironic that I should take photographs! But my intent is to yield into a process in which the 'I' is no less an instrument than the camera - and serves a presence that knows in stillness. Its a feeling thing.

We like to connect and remain connected with many who we dont have time or circumstance to write, phone or visit very often. Cards can serve to carry a vibrational greeting that is consciously felt within the relationship.

If you use cards to communicate or enjoy prints in your rooms or as gifts - I invite you to consider my work: Clearlight Cards

Thought for the Moment

If you are interested in discovering new solutions for humanity that have more depth than problem solving - in terms the past dictates. More potency than from associating with good ideas that remain ideas, then I invite you to consider sharing an experience of simple music and shared dancing in a spirit of trust and inclusion.

If people do not find a way to join together in common then they are not yet choosing for their peace and wellbeing.

If we rely on a common 'enemy' or 'problem' to join us then we continue to join in mere self interest rather than enlightened Self interest. Problems are indeed an alarm call to wake up - but waking is not a doomsday script, but is pausing and listening within. Rejoin the Music of life and be restored to the dance.

What is always needed is to regain and maintain perspective by bringing the focus back from the head to the heart.

Not the head based heart of emotions based upon stories twe tell ourselves - but the heart that recognises truth and can discern and guide truly.

Stillness is the way to allow the heart to rise - you could say - the Now to rise.

But stillness is not merely quietitude - but the release of conflictedness.

Circle dance offers a moving meditation and can be tailored to suit the need.

Spirituality is moving us beyond the old labels and is finding structures that invite the freedom to simply be at rest and in joy together. To hold such conditions for each other. To give as we would receive.

To be inspiring, our music and dance needs to be inspired. Or else we neglect to join except at the level of appearances - and become self-referencing in exclusion rather than recognising a greater self via inclusion.

Such new life cannot be assembled out of parts or applied techniques - but must express inspiration and grounded willingness.

It is perhaps normal for us to not know how it could be that we who are seemingly so different could share and find a communion that is truly joyful. Because it is normal for us to 'think' and live out from a position of separate interests. By joining in sharing a simple experience with willingness and a natural enthusiasm, we step out of such thinking and have a living connecting perspective in which we may discern rather than judge.

It's all very simple in experience - but very easy to forget and become mired again in loveless thinking. Such is the human habit and this is the work: to become consistent in choosing for our peace and joy and learn to step out of the mind that is so adept at justifying (self) exclusion.

It seems a tall order - and old habits run deeper than we yet realize, but to remember to express caring - now - is to include yourself in the circle of your own heart. The persistence of such an active willingness is the reclaiming of our lives from the shadow of an ignorance and a capacity to live this day well. 

Brian - Dec 09 - (Edited July 2010)

Dancing with Brian

I share Live music & Circle dance

Periodically at the White House in Norwich

• And periodically
At Home in the Dance
in Wells-next-the-Sea.



And at other booked events.

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A photo from an inspiring dance workshop with Iliana Bozhanova and Todor Yankov (Accordion) - Taken by Chris Gill.