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The White House is just off the inner ring road in South Norwich. If you are coming to this group for the first time, please contact me or Kate for direction. A small group in an informal but intimate setting with Live Music and dance and opportunity for local walks

However we put a donation box out and hope you appreciate and share in our work and hospitality enough to put something proportionate as gratitude toward the sharing and seeding of dancing in the Heart.

We are drawn to sharing and growing a culture rather than marketing a product

This leaves us with a dance space that can have twelve of us comfortably dancing something like Faith On every occasion where we have opened our home for dance - we have shared very warm, joyful gatherings with a heartfelt ease, in an informal and beautiful setting. Much of our dancing is with live music and song but we also use recordings We are informal - but not casual or superficial in our committment and appreciation. We bring ourselves present in a spirit of welcome and of service - and this is what sets the tone - whatever the emphasis of any particular event may be. We might also be open for non-weekend gatherings if we knew there were those who were attracted - as we have more willingness than free weekends!


In addition to 'At Home in the Dance' we sometimes compliment and extend dance days run by visiting Dance Teachers who use the nearby Hempton Hall. See Calendar for info when applicable. Those who wish to may then regroup afterwards at our house - with opportunity to take a walk on the beach, quay or local countryside. Then share a bring and share supper followed by an evening of dance. We hope this will attract dancers to travel for the featured workshop and also stay on for the evening and possibly into the next day.

Either staying with us or nearby. If you are interested in being an invited teacher, let us know. We are attracted to dedicated, inspirational teachers who hold and share a living cultural appreciation of dance as part of a process of cultural exchange and renewal. Dancers may choose to stay over - we have room for a few - and local dancers may instead return in the morning. Sunday morning and afternoon (where applicable), can include both walking and dancing. So far we have played this by ear as a group - but usually walk on Sunday morning. Our whole time together includes breaks for food and drink - on a bring and share basis - and the freedom to take time to rest as well as to be active.

Amazing facts about dancing

Dancing is as old as the history of human evolution as it was performed by people of all known cultures as your fabulous escorts will inform you. There is even archeological evidence that dance was already practiced when man still lived in caverns, both as a form of connection with the divinity and as a recreational activity. Let your marvelous companions tell you more about this artistic expression.

Much more than a spontaneous body movement

Splendid companions from your favorite Escort Directory are quite acquainted with the amazing facts about dancing. These spectacular women know curiosities that they will love to share with you. For instance, they will tell you about studies carried out in the University of New Mexico which revealed that our ancestors used dancing and singing to select their partners.

However, your magnificent escorts will also tell you that dancing is much more than a spontaneous body movement as it has turned out to be a real art. Additionally, it has an important impact on the intelligence and the motor skills of a person.

Dancing skills and genetic heritage

Investigations made at the University of Jerusalem revealed that genetic inheritance is related to a predisposition to dancing as your favorite escort will inform you.

Studies left no room for doubt as professional dancers had important differences in two genes compared with those who had nothing to do with such area. The genes that displayed clear dissimilarities were that which is responsible for transporting serotonin and another that acts as a receptor for the hormone arginine-vasopressin.

You stunning escort will also tell you about another curious fact that took place in the XVI century. Back then, the authorities of the city of Strasbourg detected a strange epidemic that affected more than thirty individuals. Those that were sick seemed to perform a strange dance full of spasms and convulsions that they could not stop.

Within a month, there were more than four hundred people infected. However, soon after, physicians realized that disease was the result of a fever caused by a great famine in the area.

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I like the idea of sharing and promoting our Dance as a living culture, as well as sharing out dances I have made. Hence these videos.So far though, all is done simply by placing a camera on a tripod and forgetting about it. I think there's enough to see and pick up the dances. I'm always willing to answer queries if anything is unclear.

I have made a few home made recording in a single take using my camera's sound recording. I feel to share these as examples of my singing - (though singing to a recording is not the best context to bring out the best in me!)